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Soft Washing


Moss, algae and lichen growth on roofs can cause serious damage to your roof and general building fabric

Where as some company's will pressure wash the roof, this can damage your tiles by removing the protective top layer. Harsh cleaning can also dislodge tiles causing future leaks.

Our Process

We will remove any moss that is sat on you're roof with an industry recommended roof scraper. once all the moss has been removed we will then apply a chemical treatment will kills off any remaining moss and lichen. This chemical process is known as SOFT WASHING.

Instead of pressure washing the tiles we  spray it on at low pressure letting the chemical do its job. Once we have completed the spraying process we let it dry naturally and the roof will be completed.

The chemicals will begin taking effect within the first 2 hours killing off any renaming moss,lichen and algae but the process gently works over around four months or less and then you will see a ‘clean roof’ appearance. The process is effective and although it takes time, it will definitely make the appearance of your roof looked virtually restored to new!

We do offer a more stronger chemical that will show instant results. 


After time moss,algae and lichen can build up on your patio, driveway giving it that old look.  
Using our high pressure washer at 4000 psi and a soft wash method if needed we can bring you're patio, driveway back to an original new finish.
Most patios will come up like new just using high pressure to remove any grime. if the area has hard dirt and grime we will need to use our soft wash method using chemicals to remove any black spot that would normally  remain after just pressure washing.
even tho the treated area is thoroughly rinsed after soft washing we do recommend keeping any pets away from the area for a minimum of 24hrs after application just as a precaution.

We clean the following 



Softwashing render is a more cost effective way to clean you're property. Most people think that re painting the property will stop the diss coloration. In fact the render never loses its natural. colour and can easily be brought back to its original look without having the cost of scaffolding etc. 
The diss coloration is actually caused by different  types of algae that has formed on your property  over a period of time. With the softwashing method we kill off that algae to allow the original colour to be restored. We highly recommend NOT pressure washing render as this can cause damage to it. All our render cleaning is done at low pressure without the need of scaffolding. We spray chemicals at low pressure working it into the walls with a brush. after letting the chemical rest on the walls you will notice all that algae start to simply run off. All thats left to do is thoroughly rinse the property and you are left with original looking render. Some areas may need a second application due to tough